One of the AUSC Region 5 mandates is, to encourage, coordinate and promote the development of all forms of sport in the Region. The AUSC Region 5 Regional Rewards Programme provides a unique opportunity for the Region to motivate Member States, teams an individuals by recognizing and celebrating meritorious service and outstanding achievements in sport.


To recognize and reward meritorious service and outstanding performance in sport for the citizens of the Region.

Products Under Awards

  • Hall of Fame
  • 10 Years of Service
  • Medals of Honor
  • Annual Sports Awards

Essence of AUSC Region 5 Rewards Products

  • Excellence - Achievements at National, Regional levels and beyond
  • Glamour
  • Credibility
  • Unique identity


The following eligibility guidelines shall apply in order to safeguard the integrity of the award system: AUSC Region 5 nominees are drawn from all the 10 member states registered or   recognized sports organizations/ federations and stakeholders that have attained sporting excellence locally, regionally, continentally and beyond in accordance with the following;
  • Must be a regional citizen competing/participating at national and of world level.
  • Must have excelled in national, regional, continental and or world sports events in respective capacities
  • Must generally have exhibit good sportsmanship and is a good ambassador for the country and the region
Should the nominee have:
  • Been sanctioned for serious misconduct for which proof is supplied, or
  • Been sanctioned for committing a doping offence, Then the individual        shall not be legible for consideration or, in the event such misconduct being exposed after conferment of the award, specific award shall be withdrawn and bestowed on the next best ranked nominee or finalist.