The AUSC Region 5 Executive Council meetings and Council of Ministers meetings currently underway in Botswana
8th November 2017
AUSC Region 5 ties a knot with TAFISA
24th November 2017
The AUSC Region 5 Executive Council meetings and Council of Ministers meetings currently underway in Botswana
8th November 2017
AUSC Region 5 ties a knot with TAFISA
24th November 2017

The 10 Member States of AUSC Region 5 Ministers gathered in Gaborone, Botswana in the biyearly Council of Sports Ministers meeting to deliberate sports development agenda as a collective and the only progressive countries in AU Sport Council regions. The ministers that attended the meetings were Angola, the outgoing chairperson of the Troika, Lesotho, Namibia, Malawi, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. And of course the host minister, Hon Thapelo Olopeng.

His Excellency, the President of Republic of Botswana, Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama officially opened the meeting as he was the guest of honor. The Council of Ministers meeting also coincided with the Chairmanship of Troika handover ceremony from Angola to Botswana as the hosts of the next 8th edition of the AUSC Region 5 Youth Games scheduled to be staged in Botswana, Gaborone in December 2018. It is the tradition of the Region to have the host country of the Youth Games minister to be the chairperson of the Region Troika (which is 3 ministers of previous host, current host and future host of the games.

The President in his welcoming remarks speech spoke a length about the importance of the role the AUSC Region 5 play in the collective effort and collaboration between the 10 member countries of the Region.

As a tradition, after the deliberations the ministers emerges with a final communique which is culmination of all the Region’s committees and commission’s deliberated issues of sports development for the

Minister’s Final Communique


WE, the Ministers responsible for Sport of the African Union Sports Council Region 5 Member Countries, during the Council of Ministers meeting held in Gaborone, Botswana on 10 November 2017.

RECALLING the provisions of Article 31 of the Constitution on holding of Ordinary meetings of the Council

APPRECIATING the momentous investment by Member Countries in hosting the Region 5 Games and other sports events and tournaments, as well as for implementing the Region’s sports programmes and projects;

MINDFUL of the unrelentingly constraining global economic environment and its subsequent impact on dwindling sports budgets and the dire need to diversify revenue sources through commercialisation;

NOTING with satisfaction the determination by Member Countries to support athletes, coaches and administrators to attain excellence in sport at Regional, Continental and International competitions;

DETERMINED to build a strong case for transformation of sport into a viable and formidable business that directly contributes towards socio-economic transformation, peace and security in the Region;

NOTING with satisfaction the work done by the Executive Committee in reviewing the AUSC Region 5 Strategic Plan charting a prospective and sustainable trajectory for sport in the Region.

CELEBRATING the Region’s athletes who have left the world spellbound by their trailblazing performances on the international scene and Member Countries that have successfully hosted world class events and tournaments.


  1. Unlock the true value of sport as a business and to ensure sport thrives as a viable industry that contributes directly towards harnessing the demographic dividends through investment in the youth;
  1. Harness the true global power of sport in nation building and to invest in its sustainable contribution towards excellence of our athletes and officials as diplomatic ambassadors of their respective countries at major Regional, Continental and International platforms;
  1. Uphold principles of solidarity and brotherhood among Member Countries to perpetuate fraternal diplomatic relations and to collectively promote respect, peace and tranquility among Member Countries and the broader African community.

To this end, we UNDERTAKE to:

  1. Support the enhanced functioning of all Region 5 structures and systems including the organizational decision making architecture for the Region’s perpetual existence, dynamism and performance.
  2. Intensify efforts towards galvanizing collective responsibility by all Member Countries and accelerate implementation of the Region’s strategic programmes and activities. To this effect, we undertake to abide by the regulations, policies, protocols and procedures of the Region for purposes of consistency and regional solidarity.

iii.            Persistently promote clean sport and safeguard athletes’ welfare and relentlessly fight against Doping, cheating, corruption, illegal betting and all vices blighting modern sport.

  1. Deploy concerted efforts towards fully supporting the Region’s commercialization strategy and expansion of revenue sources through commercial exploitation of the organization’s products and services.

1.1          Consultation between the Region and Member Countries yet to sign the PPP MOU be intensified for a country based solution and that outstanding countries be assisted and supported to sign the MoU by February 2018.

1.2          The Region 5 Council of Ministers Chairmanship be handed over to Botswana with effect from 10 November 2017 in line with the provisions of Article 31.6 of the Region 5 Constitution and that subsequently, Angola and Lesotho become members of the Troika of Ministers for the period 2018 to 2020.

1.3          That the matter regarding enlisting of services of an Event Management Company be deferred and that the Secretariat work with the Troika on refinement of this proposal for presentation in the Extraordinary Council of Ministers meeting of 2018.


2.1          The Executive Committee Chairman’s report on the activities of the Region including all recommendations contained therein as amended by Council of Ministers.


3.1          The Audited financial statements for the year 2016 and the reappointment of Grant Thornton Botswana as the Region’s 2017 Audit Firm

3.2          The mechanisms as recommended by the Troika and the mechanism of penalties in relation to attendance to Region 5 meetings by Ministers.

3.3          The 2018 – 2028 Strategic Plan and the need for the Region 5 organs to be engaged in a detailed familiarization of the Strategic Plan.

3.4          The Governance Documents as recommended by the Executive Committee.

3.5          The 2018 budget and that the budget will remain on a cash budget basis.


4.1          Efforts made by the Secretariat to gradually migrate towards a paperless office and plead with Member Countries to support this initiative.

4.2          The list of people due to be conferred Ten Year Service Awards and the need for Member Countries to support this Regional initiative by bringing forward deserving cadres.

4.3          Successful hosting of the 7th edition of the Region 5 Youth Games by Angola under extremely difficult economic circumstances.  We commend and congratulate Angola for remaining committed to the Region against an overwhelming weight of adverse financial challenges.

4.4          The positive state of preparedness tabled by Botswana on the 8th edition of the AUSC Region 5 Games and prospects of a memorable Games as well as invitation for all Member Countries to sign participation certificates as confirmation of their participation in the Games.

4.5          The need for Region 5 Member Countries to consider bidding to co-host the 2019 African Games in order to make the task cheaper in view of the limited time and budgetary implications of hosting the event.

4.6          The expression of interest by Zambia to host the Regional Museum and that a final decision to be communicated after consultation with the relevant authorities in Zambia.

4.7          Progress made by Member Countries in advancing sport development and High Performance and encourage members to give heightened attention to and investment in infrastructure development and refurbishment as well as support for athlete and coach excellence in our countdown towards major Regional, Continental and International sporting competitions.

4.8          The Ministers who attended MINEPS VI in Kazan, Russia and commend their commitment and contributions on behalf of the Region and that the Secretariat would engage the African Union for guidance on the protocol relating to the hosting of Regional Conferences.


5.1          Botswana for committing to hosting of various sporting events and competitions including the 2018 Region 5 Youth Games scheduled for December 2018.  Now that the Chairmanship of the Region will be residing in Botswana, we have renewed elation that the new Council of Ministers Chairperson will give heightened attention to supporting the functioning and status of the Region.

5.2          The Regional Organising Committee (ROC) for working with the Botswana LOC in ensuring successful delivery of the Games and pledged to support the Region in guaranteeing continual growth and development of the Games as the Region’s flagship.

5.3          Angola for appointing a new female Minister of Youth and Sport and that the development is in line with the Region’s policy of women empowerment.

5.4          The Botswana Head of State, His Excellency Lieutenant General Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama for setting aside time out of his busy schedule to officially open the Council of Ministers meeting.  Council of Ministers further expressed gratitude to the Government and people of the Republic of Botswana for the generous hospitality extended to them during their stay in Gaborone.


  1. Angola
  2. Botswana
  3. Lesotho
  4. Malawi
  5. Namibia (Deputy Minister)
  6. South Africa
  7. Swaziland
  8. Zambia


  1. Mozambique (Ambassador)
  2. Zimbabwe (Minister sent written apology and was represented by Permanent Secretary)

Done at Gaborone International Conference Centre, Gaborone, Botswana on 10 November 2017