14th November 2017
Botswana launches the AUSC Region 5 Youth Games.
8th March 2018
14th November 2017
Botswana launches the AUSC Region 5 Youth Games.
8th March 2018


AUSC Region 5 as the authoritative body of sports development and advocacy in our region has signed a MOU with TAFISA (The Association for International Sport for All) to collaborate and amplify their efforts in achieving their common mandates. TAFISA is a leading the global sport for all movements for active world and is focused on raising awareness about benefits of spirt and promotion of physical activities, promoting sport advocacy for all and lobbying various organisation and governments through sport and active living or physical activity.

Both the AUSC Region 5 and TAFISA share the common goal of promoting sports development through various channels in our society and through engaging societies and various entities, including governments.

The sports and Sport for All movement has evolved in recent years and continues to gain momentum.  For this reason, there is an ever increasing need for the flagship organisations of this movement, and its closely related sectors, to understand and cooperate with each other to lead the movement in the right direction, particularly with reference to equality within with movement.  A strong alliance between TAFISA and AUSC Region 5 would create the foundation for more effective influence, and could provide the level of international cooperation necessary to reach the common goals of all those who cherish the values of Sport for All and enjoy the benefits of a strengthening Sport for All movement through the development of the Sport for All network and facilities, specifically relating to gender equality in Sport for All.

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to define the principles of cooperation between TAFISA and AUSC Region 5 and it is not a legally binding document

  1. Principles of Cooperation

The objectives of the cooperation between TAFISA and AUSC Region 5 are:

  • To increase the profile of Sport for All and physical activity,
  • To establish a stronger platform for Sport for All activities and programs, particularly those related to gender equality,
  • To be more innovative and productive for the benefit of member organisations,
  • To increase our political power in sport through a common voice and potentially joint programs,
  • To support each the sport political activities of both parties in dealings with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, and
  • To search for synergy between the two organisations and to explore and utilise the resources of our different networks.

To reach these objectives, TAFISA and AUSC Region 5 will:

  • Be open to promoting the use of guidelines and practical tools of each organisation
  • Be in more regular contact (including jointly planned identified activities), and share information pertaining to upcoming programs and events, and the development of the Sport for All, physical activity and gender equality movements to both organisations and their members and stakeholders,
  • Be open to identifying potential areas for practical cooperation, for example programs and events, that will be decided upon individually (see Appendix A for a list of potential project for cooperation),
  • Advise each other of any upcoming issues, and
  • Be open to nominating project areas that a stronger, more practical cooperation may be entered into within.

In the spirit of cooperation, both parties agree to:

  • Support each other in their respective endeavours, including programs and events;
  • Acknowledge this Memorandum of Understanding in organisational communications, including website, newsletters, etc., and include the other parties logo with a link to its website on their website,
  • Be open, frank, honest and constructive in all dealings with each other; and
  • Optimise the value and benefit delivered to the organisations members and participants in the global Sport movement.