Botswana launches the AUSC Region 5 Youth Games.
8th Mar 2018
27th Apr 2018

Malawi has been commended for introducing Malawi Sport Awards as it will help in the development of sport not only in the country but also the whole region.

AUSC Region 5 chairperson of Finance and Marketing committee Mr Lawrence Mthethwa applauded Malawi saying the awards which will be annual will help to recognise athletes, administrators, associations and other stakeholders for their roles in the development of sports.

“Malawi Sport Awards are meant to celebrate excellence, cherish the sons and daughters of this region that fight gallantly against formidable resistance in competitions for the love of their countries and region,” Mthethwa said.

He also said the awards provided a platform to honour the athletes and officials who have contributed immensely towards development of the country through splendid performance in sport.

“These awards are very significant part of the AUSC Region 5 to be innovative and become Africa’s leading home of sport excellence,” he said.

The awards he added was in line with the region’s strategy of promoting sport to achieve podium position performance.

He appealed to the corporate world support the initiative as resolved by region’s Council of Ministers.

“I invite corporate in Malawi to strongly consider partnering the region in promoting its products such as Region 5 Games, Marathon, Regional Annual Sports Awards (RASA) and podium performance programs.

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development for Malawi Hon.Francis Kasaila MP said the awards would motivate all those people taking part in sport to aim higher.

“Beyond celebrating our heroes, the Malawi Sport Awards are aimed at encouraging everybody to be part of the sporting community and also aim higher,” Kasaila said.

“It is our hope that these awards will also encourage creativity and innovation in sports practice while encouraging and promoting fair sport practice,” he said.

The Minister appealed to the corporate world into sport sponsorship and partnerships in athletes and stakeholders.

Malawi’s FIFA assistant woman referee, who has officiated at the Olympic Games, World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations among others, was voted the best overall sports personality of the best year.