AUSC Region 5 Donates Technical Equipment To Ramotswa Junior Secondary School.

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27th Nov 2019
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17th Mar 2020

The initiative is part of the regional drive of the office of African Union Sport Council Region 5 to reach out to communities in remote and rural areas as part the Sports For All initiative in partnership TAFISA (The Association For International Sport For All).

Ramotswa Junior Secondary School has an enrollment of 465 students including 33 students with disabilities (deaf and hard hearing) from different locations of Botswana attending classes at the Special Education unit and residing in the school hostels.
Recently the school has been struggling to fulfill its mandate of giving the lessons in physical education for learners with disability due to limited resources. For learner with disabilities, the curriculum requires for practicals to be conducted as part of the assessment, however, the school always faces difficulty achieving this requirement.

Learners that reside at the boarding school hostels require that there be more extramural activities in order to keep them occupied with activities that inculcate positive behaviours and strong character. Sports activities play a major role in mentally and physically equipping learners in the school environment such as Ramotswa.

The Physical Education teacher Mr Kafesu said ” we are grateful to AUSC Region 5 for the balls they have donated to the school. these balls will make our work of teaching learner much easy because we will be able to fulfil all our required assessment criteria which involve sports and physical education using sports equipment such as balls. But these balls will be a more blessing to the learners with special learning because they will enjoy their learning experiences even more. the balls will go a long way in shaping and moulding positive behaviour during the learner leisure period and deter them from getting involved in negative behaviour including sexual misconduct and possibly drugs and alcohol.